Fall Extravaganza, 2011!

Due to a family problems and work taking up most of the Presidents time (father had 2 strokes and a massive heart attack earlier this year). We will be postponing the Fall Extravaganza, 2011 for now. If things change we will notify all members. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Windmill Line Co-op
Keynote Speakers:
Meritorious Seedling Award (Voting)
Photography Contest (Voting)
Chinese Auction & Live Auction

The Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011
The Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

The Place - Windmill Line Co-op, 10th Floor
125 Scadding Avenue
Toronto, ON  M5A 4H8

!Click here for the driving directions!

The Speakers:

Jamie Gossard, Heavenly Gardens
Jamie Gossard
Heavenly Gardens
Galloway, OH

    Jamie is seasoned speaker, with more than a dozen speaking engagements each year. He is a wealth of imformation and can talk about anything with respect to Daylilies and plant culture. Jamie knows more about the genetics, growing, converting, fertilizers, soil types, etc. to boggle the mind.

    He speaks very well and is always willing to answer questions throughout his talk from the audience.

    We look forward to seeing what he found in the seedlings beds this year and what he is coming up with for the Fall of 2010 and spring of 2011.
Outer Limits, Gossard
H. Outer Limits (Gossard)
Barry Matthie, Bonibrae Daylilies
Barry Matthie
Bonibrae Daylilies
Bloomfield, ON

     Barry is well known in Ontario & Canada from the number of awards that he has won not only at the Canadian Hemerocallis Society but at the Ontario Daylily Society. Barry is advancing rapidly with his cutting edge Northern Bred daylilies. I recently visited Barry’s nursery and he WOW he has expanded his nursery probably a full third of what it was before. His is the largest Daylily Nursery I have seen in Canada!

     Barry has also added two greenhouses to his operation in order to extend his breeding season. It will be interesting to see the slides of his accomplishments and results of building these structures. I personally love how he captures the rain water from the roof of the structure for watering purposes.
Bonibrae Sharky (Matthie)

Mike Homes
Mike Holmes
River Bend Gardens
Bellbrook, OH

     Mike retired from his job in Minnesota and this now allows him full time in the nursery, thus, come 2011 he and Sandy expect to have a huge selection of daylilies available.

     Without the contributions of  Ned Roberts two of my flowers would not be possible.  Conversion of Ned's   Stout medal winner "H. Skinwalker" and "H. Purple Many Faces" play an important role in my large tetraploid unusual form program.  Steve Moldovan and Richard Webster genetics continue to be the backbone for many of the best UF seedlings.

     In 2005 I made about 700 ‘H. Tet. Skinwalker’ seeds.  Almost 600 of them bloomed in 2007.  The most vigorous of those seedling, 'Wanda Evans', is available for sale in 2010.  I hope to have more hardy field grown unique 'H. Tet. Skinwalker' kids over the next two years.
     I have used ‘H. Tet. Purple Many Faces’ for several years.  ‘H. Flying Purple People Eater’ is the best purple kid to date.  The size of the flower stops visitors in their tracks. It  is  especially nice in clump strength.

Purple People Eater
Purple People Eater (Holmes)

John Peat - Cross Border Daylilies.

    Your Auctionere! Who knows he may speak this year, but probably not as he will be too busy organizing everything.

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Prince Vladimir
Prince Vladimir (Peat, '09)

2010 Seedling Award Slide Presentation

Other Activities:

    The Chinese Auction & Live Auctions will be loaded with plants again this year, probably double that of last year as many more members have promised to donate plants this year. As always with the C.H.S. we will have highly sought after, cutting edge Tetraploid Daylilies available at below Eureka average prices.

    That isn't the end, we have other plans in the works for the meeting. As most of you know there is usually too much to do and not enough time at our meetings, but we manage to do it all!

Support your club:

    In order to continue with the color in the CHS Journal we are requesting that each person brings along one or two potted or bare-root daylilies for our Chinese Auction, Plant Sale or Live Auction.
    We do ask that all members, attending or not, please donate plants that were introduced within the last 5 years or so to our Plant Sale, Chinese Auction or Live Auction. Thanks in advance.

    If shipping these donations please send to Canadian Hemerocallis Society - 16 Douville Court, Toronto, ON  M5A 4E7. Whether you are planning to ship your donations or bring them with you, please e-mail me at jpeat@distinctly.on.ca the names and types of plants along with their current value prior to the meeting!

CHS Seedling Awards:

    Once again the C.H.S. Seedling Awards & Photography contest will be held at the Fall Extravaganza. The format is the same as previous years, two categories in the seedling awards will be voted on Spiders/Unusual Forms and Full Formed. The six finalists will be published on the C.H.S. WebPages for the entire club to vote on the winners.

    Each member is asked to send in a maximum of six slides in each category for judging. All slides will be returned within one week of our meeting. Please include self-adressed return envelope.

    For the rules on the contest please see our web site - http://www.distinctly.on.ca/chs/awards.htm or Vol. 2, No. 2 - Fall/Winter 2002 Journal pages 37-38.

    Please send all images to  John Peat Click here


    Registrations are being taken on a first come, first serve basis. The fastest method of getting your registration in is by Visa/Mastercard/American Express and faxing the attached form to 416-861-9300. Or you can simply call me with your information prior to the 15th of August as I will be in Florida after the 15th digging plants for the meeting. Call me at 416-362-1682. (Please indicate what plants you will be donating to the club). Please note: We prefer you send in your registration by check so that the club doesn't lose the 3-4% to the big banks on credit card transactions, but we do accept credit cards readily.

    The Registration Fee is $50.00 per person and includes a large buffet  lunch, the speakers, coffee throughout the day and of course many other things that we manage to put together in time for the meeting.

    If mailing in your registration, please send it to Canadian Hemerocallis Society - 16 Douville Court, Toronto, ON  M5A 4E7. Registrations must be received at least five business days prior to the meeting. Click here for Registration Form