Admiral's Blush, Daylily

*Admiral's Blush

*ADMIRAL’S BLUSH (Pierce G) 1352-K (English Lavender x Tetra Emerald Starburst) x Sonya Starchak EMre SEV emo 38” 6.75” flower, 8 way branching, 45-50 buds, fragrant.
If you want to smile – get ADMIRAL’S BLUSH.  This absolutely gorgeous blue pink self with a Bulls Eye chartreuse throat and matching ruffled chartreuse yellow edging, will do just that.  And look at those stats!!!  The color clarity and intensity…  Now imagine prodigy from the above parents on her.  OR… you can just stop on by here in May 2016 and see over 500 such kids.  And More!  Yes I’m excited…  Easily Fertile both ways.