Amethyst Prism, Daylily

*Amethyst Prism

*AMETHYST PRISM  (Pierce G.)  277-E  ((Sdlg x Tet Terry Lyninger) x Tet Malachite Prism) x Tet Time Stopper   SEV EE  37”  9.5” flower, 6 branching, 35-40 buds.

AMETHYST PRISM, of all lovely new prisms, has both the largest flower size at 9.5 inches, of the prisms and one of the tallest scapes.  I decided to only introduce four from several dozen Prism keepers, to avoid repetition.  Each of the new Prisms offers something different for not only the breeder but the connoisseur as well.  Lovely.  Fertile both ways.