Answering Angels

*ANSWERING ANGELS (Stamile,P.) TET 4222-A (Calling All Angels X Sue Brown) 24” EMRe. Ev. emo. 5½” x 2 ¾” x 2”. 5-way branching. (3 laterals + a terminal “Y”) 30-35 buds.

    This beautiful alabaster cream with a plum eye and edge is truly almost all eye and throat. The huge plum violet eye and large citron green throat completely dominate the face of the flower. The substance of the flower is heavy. The form is flat like a pansy with wide chubby sepals complementing the wide full overlapped petals.

    Plant habit is exquisite with excellent foliage to scape height with low arching foliage and high floral impact along with strong rebloom. Double edges appear on rebloom with silver beading on the outside edge of the plum violet border.

    A fabulous breeder ANSWERING ANGELS provides a base for a plethora of outstanding eyes and edges in every color. Easily fertile both ways