Big Boy Butterfly, Daylily

*Big Boy Butterfly

*BIG BOY BUTTERFLY (Pierce G.) 535 ((Green Throated Seedling x Unlock Your Dreams) x Tet Super Fancy Face) EV, EM 36” high, 7.5-7.75” flower, 2.25” sepals, 7 way branching, 45-50 buds, makes its own shade!

This is it.  EVERY BLOOM looks just like the picture.  The GREEN THROAT is over 3 5/8 of the almost 8” flower.  In an emergency, you could use BIG BOY BUTTERFLY as a parachute.   The widest of any Pattern Sepals ever at over 2 3/8”.  He is Snapped-open early at 5am.  There are multi-color separations, you can see them on the sepals, but they show up better in April not OUR June.  Wide ruffled petals with a Picotee, and no wimpy canoeing! Healthy blue-green foliage.  Giant prolifes, and easily Fertile both ways.  This will sell-out.  BIG BOY BUTTERFLY should be EASILY $300!!  EXTREMELY Limited.