Biting Pumpkins, Daylily

*Biting Pumpkins

*BITING PUMPKINS (Pierce G) BGxFringy (Bass Gibson x Fringy) SEV E 30” 6” flower, 6 way branching, 35 buds

From a long cross of about a hundred seed came several green, and or green edged keepers, with only one making the final cut.  There were some real beauties but… they did not have all (5) requirements; Height, Health, Buds, Branching and Beauty.  The best of this cross was a full dormant that would put up an early scape without any foliage.  This sib had the greenest teeth you ever saw, but in good conscience I could not release it with only 20 buds.  BITING PUMPKINS is proving to be a great parent for teeth, with a background of green and dormancy.  Fertile both ways.