Black Handlebars

*BLACK HANDLEBARS (Stamile,P.) TET 3267-A (Wild Wookie X Velvet Ribbons) 31” EMRe. Ev. emo. 9 ½” x 1 ½”  x 1”. 11.5” wingspan. 5-way branching. (3 laterals + terminal “Y”) 25-30  buds. Unusual form – crispate. Spider ratio 3.8:1.

    When I first looked upon BLACK HANDLEBARS it reminded me of the old silent movies where the villain, always dressed in black, twisted the ends of his mustache while vowing to commit some dastardly act. Hence the name for this very flat from the throat red black blend unusual form.

    What is special about BLACK HANDLEBARS is the large closure figure and large citron green throat. The tips of the sepals are quilled and twisted and the ends of the spatulate petals pinched and twisted. With its large full center this flower resembles a large green and black starfish and could easily have been called "Black Starfish".

    A real fun flower and fertile both ways.