Black to the Future, DaylilyBlack to the Future, Daylily

*Black to the Future

*BLACK TO THE FUTURE (Pierce G.)  1406-C (Black Magical Marrakesh Sdlg x Mayans’ Dawn) EV EE RE 35” 6.5” flower, 5 way branching, 35 Buds.

If you like Magical Marrakesh you will love BLACK TO THE FUTURE.  Bigger, taller, wide edge and very easily pod fertile.  Fertility in the lines was an issue initially but after working on it for the past 7 years we now have easily fertile x easily fertile flowers and this together with the scape size and height, our new line is not only a joy to work with but genetically becoming more the norm.  I like that and I hope you all do too.  BLACK TO THE FUTURE is also quite sun tolerant for such a dark color.  I have shown you one photo in shade and the second photo was taken at almost 2pm as the rain came in.  We hope you will enjoy BLACK TO THE FUTRE, easily fertile both ways.