Blue Illusion
*Blue Illusion

*BLUE ILLUSION (Stamile, P.) TET 620-A {( sdlg. x Skinny Marink) X [Spinnaker x (Linguini x Tetra Desert Icicle)]} 45” ERE. emo. no fr. Ev. 45” Ere. emo. no fr. Ev. 10” x 1.375” x .875”. 6-way branching (3 laterals plus terminal “w”) 45-50 buds. Long Petal.  <>

            Until BLUE ILLUSION came along I was convinced we would have blue in daylilies when we expanded the blue eye to cover the entire flower or happened upon some chance mutation in one of the lavenders or purples. I hadn’t considered that the first blue might come from a long petal or spider but BLUE ILLUSION certainly has a blue under cast to an otherwise clean color mauve lavender flower. I could see such a flower going as a blue.

            Even if you are not hybridizing you will enjoy this cool lavender and green flower. Very fine. Fertile both ways but a difficult pod parent.