Blue Rhino
*Blue Rhino

*BLUE RHINO (Pierce, G.)  TET 8350-C  (Blue Lake x Fancy Lace)  37” E Re Fr emo Ev 6 ½” 4 way branching, 30 Buds    This is one neat flower.  What makes the coloration unique in 'BLUE RHINO' is the copious amount of blue tones blended into the lavender and purple colors.  It is as close to a big blue flower as you can get, though hard to photograph.
BLUE RHINO is also our biggest patterned daylily at almost 7” on first blooms.  There is a double edge of light raspberry and blue/lavender, this is then outlined in white.  Big, flat, and showy.  Makes strong prolifs too.  Fertile both ways.