Blue Vibrations, Daylily

*Blue Vibrations

*BLUE VIBRATIONS (Pierce G.) 1181-CC ((Blue Beat x Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope) x Tet. Colorful Etchings) TET EV EMRE 47” 6” flower, 6 way branching, 45 Buds.

This new Full Form Patterned daylily is absolutely stunning by contrast with clean near white petals punctuated by large blue, blue violet eyes.  BLUE VIBRATIONS is a large blossom for such a round overlapped Pattern.  Each bloom opens perfectly, and she never has a bad hair day.  BLUE VIBRATIONS has a killer scape, extra thick with long horizontal branches all forking at the ends.  I love the wide blue picottee edge, it’s what makes this a keeper over just a pattern!  BLUE VIBRATIONS is worth every bit of $300.00 and my very best BLUE daylily.  As Sdlg # CC this was the best from ( 29 ) keepers from this cross.  Enjoy…  Fertile both ways.