Bowtie Affair, Daylily

*Bowtie Affair

*BOWTIE AFFAIR (Pierce G.) 1200-C (Stenciled Di Fresco x Tet Colorful Etchings)  SEV EM  42” 7” flower 6 way branching, 35 buds

I have seen a lot of patterns in my 26 years hybridizing daylilies and BOWTIE AFFAIR takes the cake.  Unlike so many new daylilies that rely on only a pretty face, BOWTIE AFFAIR has not only a big fancy multi-patterned eye, but she has a magnificent scape as well, with lots of prolifs.  This was one of my most used pollens this year when I wanted to add size and pizazz!   You’ll notice the little bowties stenciled into the ends of the sepals.  Big green throat.  Fertile both ways.