Bumble Bee Blues, Daylily
Taken in Shade

Bumble Bee Beauty, Daylily
Taken in Sun

Bumble Bee Blues

BUMBLE BEE BLUES (Pierce G.)  2005F (Unknown x Unknown) Diploid, SEV, EMre, 2 ¾” flower, 26” tall, 6 way branching with 35-40 buds. Heavy rebloom.  Blue green miniature foliage.

BUMBLE BEE BLUES is the best and truest blue ever!  From several hundred “Healthy & Blue” seedlings she buzzed in.   There are at least FOUR shades of BLUE here, from blue in blue with the black charcoal, to the last ring Cloud Blue before the Plum Pattern.  BUMBLE BEE BLUES has mild doubling in the center. It is because of this cultivar and Bumble Bee Glee, that I have decided to continue with a mini program.  Only… because I am a “Color” freak.  Very limited.