Cactus Plums, Daylily

*Cactus Plums

*CACTUS PLUMS (Pierce G.) 4133 (Seedling x Seedling) EV, EE, 34” high, 6-6.25” flower round form, 5 way branching, 25-30 buds.

The cleanest colored toothy daylily to date.  Exactly as the photo looks on EVERY bloom.  RICH colors, extra Wide Petals and Sepals.  Flat to Show-Off CACTUS PLUMS pure white teeth and a bold Double Edging.  CACTUS PLUMS white Sharks teeth are showier against the dark plum purple picotee!   Vigorous, and I have never lost a plant.  Nice size too for a round flower.  EXTREMELY Limited