Celestial Shore
*Celestial Shore

*CELESTIAL SHORE (Stamile, P.) TET 4196 [(Lavender Heartthrob x Bella Sera) X Roses And Gold] 30” EMRe. emo. Ev. 6” x 3 ¾” x 2 ¾”. 4-way branching (2 laterals + Y) 30-35 buds. This gorgeous rose violet with a blue lavender eye and double edges of blue lavender and white has been a standout in the early garden that is not especially known for purple.  Early blooming purples are especially valued and CELESTIAL SHORE has both the size and drama to garner your attention.    Some may question why a rose red daylily would be crossed into purple. The reason is to improve the plant habit of the purple.  Many purples bloom just above the leaves.  My own LARRY ALLEN MILLER and BELLA SERA are examples.  I wanted the branching and flowers to come well above the foliage rather than sit on top of the foliage so I used the rose, ROSES AND GOLD, which has tall well-branched scapes.  The genes which control the enzyme steps leading to purple are dominant over rose so I knew most flowers would be purple with occasional rose flowers as an enzyme step failed and rose rather than purple was produced.  This breeding was very successful in CELESTIAL SHORE and I share this hybridizing tip with those who might have low-scaped purples.

    CELESTIAL SHORE is also very vigorous. Perhaps because of its diverse pedigree it has a tremendous amount of hybrid vigor especially for such a large plant.

    CELESTIAL SHORE is a wonderful hybridizing flower.  Not only does it have lavender, purple and rose in the background but it is an incredibly easy pod parent and has proved to be a wonderful parent for purples. Easily fertile both ways.