Chesapeake Bay, Daylily Chesapeake Bay, Scapes
Chesapeake Bay scapes

*Chesapeake Bay

*CHESAPEAKE BAY (Pierce, G)  TET 8226  (Sdlg 6233 x Sdlg 760)   48”, 7.25” flower, EV, emo, EMre, 7 way branching with 45 buds.  Low arching Foliage

Tall, tall, tall, and Big.  A photograph will never do this flower justice.  People came up in the garden and said @#$*> “Look at those scapes”.   In addition she is easily pod fertile!  The color of CHESAPEAKE BAY is a medium purple self with a large watermark of yellow/green with a dark green heart.  The edging though not as wide as others still has both white and gold and is set on wide almost 5” ruffled petals.  Like Buffalo Thunder CHESAPEAKE BAY throws big 8” kids and really makes a statement in the garden.  Tall 48” Scapes.  Easily fertile both ways.