Colorful Impressions, Daylily

*Colorful Impressions

*COLORFUL IMPRESSIONS (Pierce G.)  1485-H ((Vivid Butterfly x Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope) x Tet. Colorful Etchings) TET EV EMRE 40” 5.75” flower, 6 way branching, 35-40 Buds.

COLORFUL IMPRESSIONS is my poor man’s new pattern intro.  Too impressive to toss with this kind of parentage.  Though I’ve bloomed MANY beauties from Tetra Colorful Etchings that doesn’t mean they have the good stats you see above, again it’s hard to pull it all together…  Easily fertile both ways, COLORFUL ETCHINGS has a nice green throat, a multi pattern eye with matching picottee.  Lots of Diamond Dusting.  Enjoy.