Cool Composure, Daylily

*Cool Composure

*COOL COMPOSURE (Pierce G.) 480-ER (Galactic Green x (Galactic Green x Future Seedling) SEV, EE 32” high, 8” flower, 5 way branching, 30-35 buds.

Here is how YOU know when a daylily of mine is better than great.  When I put her pollen on EVERYTHING.  Two years ago, I still had rows of Max Factor in the shaded selected fields and others.  You should have seen all the kids.  Bottom line COOL COMPOSURE is a daylily, genetic, flower extravaganza.  What you can’t see is the thick, substance factor.  It is probably 3 times the weight of an average Tet. And the green is like fresh celery.  Easily pod & pollen Fertile.  You will want to grow COOL COMPOSURE FOREVER.  EXTREMELY Limited.