Crimson Sun, Daylily

*Crimson Sun

*CRIMSON SUN (Pierce G.) 2055-H ((Orange Cherry Jubilee x Tetra Peppermint Delight) x Tetra Waxen Splendor) TET, EV, EMre, 40” high, 6.25” flower, 6way branching, 50-60 buds. Thick scape, pure red & yellow.

These are all together my absolute best Tet Waxen Splendor winners, all three.  Only three, but boy are they something.  Often complimented as being the richest Red they had ever seen on a daylily; and I must agree.  This daylily is a hundred times better than the photo.  The red color is 100% diamond dusted and literally bleeds into an orange ring; then the greenest olive green throat that you have seen.  But even better is the plant habit.  Strong, and doesn’t shrink down after blooming like some.  CRIMSON SUN blooms at least SIX sets of rebloom scapes until it is cut back in October to be line-out.  I guarantee that you will be pleased!!!  Also the flower substance is VERY thick.  Because she has not a big gold edge etc.  I will price her modestly so as to sell, and leave the big edges for you to add…  Fertile both ways.