Crowning Light
*Crowning Light

*CROWNING LIGHT (Stamile, P.) TET 6383-A [(White Base x Zephyr’s Song) X (Ribbons and Things x Cerise Masterpiece)] 32” EMRe. emo. Ev. 7” x 4.25” x 2.75”. 4-way branching. 28-35 buds.

            This beautiful deep lavender rose pink is noteworthy for its size, pale lavender pink watermark, green throat and double edges of cream yellow and lavender pink. Greatly admired in the garden CROWNING LIGHT is a stunning flower.  This was Guy’s #1 pink pollen parent for last year.

            If you like big flowers with clear bright colors like I do you will like CROWNING LIGHT. Fertile both ways. Choice.   LIMITED