Curvaceous Flare, Daylily

*Curvaceous Flare

*CURVACEOUS FLARE (Pierce G.) 2047-A ((Pink Cavalcade x Jurassic Pink) x Polar Dusk) TET, EV, EMre, 40” high, 7.25” flower, THICK 7 way plus branching, 50 buds+.   Tree Like scape.

Big and Round.  Ice crystalline rich purest pink, and a wee bit ruffled !!!  With a large gold/yellow sparkly edge.  The bas-relief extends out from the flowers center.  MASSIVE SCAPE!!!  WIDE PETALS!!!   I do thousands of pink seedlings each year, and especially nowadays a new daylily needs to be distinctive.  Here you go.   CURVEACEOUS FLARE is basically an in your face big blossom.  Just like the picture.  Gorgeous.  Easily Fertile both ways.  Very limited due to the big scapes and seed pods which slow the multiplication.