Cutting Loose
*Cutting Loose

*CUTTING LOOSE  (Pierce, G.)  TET  8320-C (Emerald Bay x Pink Cavalcade)  32”  EV Ere fr.  6” flower 5-way branching and 40 buds.  The blooms of ‘CUTTING LOOSE’ are absolutely beautiful.  The color is not Lavender, purple, nor blue, but a combination of all three, and what is especially appealing is the coolness of the color, completely clean with no pink tones.  There is a strong jagged white edging sporting little white teeth.  The white edge accents the white watermark, with the green throat completing this radiant flower.  CUTTING LOOSE’ is a pod stud as well producing a dozen large pods per scape.  Whether early season or late you’ll love it!  Easily fertile both ways.