Dancing Jubilee, Daylily
*Dancing Jubilee

*Dancing Jubilee (Pierce G.)  TET  9110 (7232 x 8163 - Born To Be Wild)  28” 6.5” flower, EV emo EEre, 5-way branching with 30 buds.  Arching Foliage.

Intense and gaudy are the first words that come to mind in describing this brilliant two toned orange cherry beauty.  The base color is orange pumpkin with no tan shades.  But it’s the big green throat and wide edge of cherry then piping gold that jumps out at you.  Diamond dusting everywhere and the heavily ruffled gold edging glistens like 24 K Gold in the sun.  Wide open early even in the 50’s Dancing Jubilee is always consistent, and every photo was a cover shot.  If you like them HOT you’ll love Dancing Jubilee.