Diamond Shores, Daylily

*Diamond Shores

*DIAMOND SHORES (Pierce G.) 2172-C (Cutting Loose x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) TET, SEV, EMre, 36” high, 6.25” flower, 5 way branching, 35-40 buds, Extra Pod Fertile.

Wow...You will go out of your way to look and look again at DIAMOND SHORES.  I have made tens of thousands of Tet RFK kids.  The pollen was easy to use but getting the green and that introduction quality look was not.  So I put Tet RFK on her again and – BOOM.  You have it.  A flower where 90% of the petals surface is covered with diamond green and super sparkly.   Twice as thick as a regular Tet.  The substance feels like gliding your fingers over an orange peel.   Powerful as a parent.  DIAMOND SHORES will put that green orange peel glitter on almost anything you put her on.  You watch…  DIAMOND SHORES is a tetraploid miracle, and I’ll be setting on her for years to come.  I am so happy to able to share her with you.  Honestly she is priceless.  What would (You) sell her for?         Fertile both ways.  BREATHTAKING and Limited.  Priced to Share!