Diamond Silk
*Diamond Silk

*DIAMOND SILK (Pierce, G.) TET 8305 C (Pink Cavalcade x Priscilla’s Smile)  32” EMre. Fr. Ev. 6 ½” 7 way branching, 40 buds.

    The first time I saw real green in the edging of a daylily was on the beautiful Priscilla’s Smile.  I loved the way the green would bulge out of the next day’s buds.  I took it everywhere, and out of several grand keepers came Diamond Silk.  A clear light orchid self, with over 4 inch ruffled petals and a wide gold to green edging.  An absolute gem to the eyes, covered in brilliant diamond dusting, with the green from the throat flowing out to match the edge.   Multiple proliferations have allowed me to introduce this flower early, and the first of many introductions from Pink Cavalcade.  Thank you Dan.  Fertile both ways.