Double Vanilla Delight
*Double Vanilla Delight

*DOUBLE VANILLA DELIGHT (Stamile, P. - Pierce) TET 720 A (Darya x Dbl Sdlg) 32” EM Re, Fr, EV, 5.75” 5 way branching, 30 buds 100% Double.
This large butter cream double daylily looks like big scoops of vanilla ice cream. 100% double, DOUBLE VANILLA DELIGHT has that light cool polychrome coloration that makes it so attractive to the eyes, especially with the large green throat, and an ever so soft washed eye of honey tangerine. The flower is actually almost 7” across if it were not for the strong re curve of the petals. There were many pretty sibs, but there was something special about the impact and glow of DOUBLE VANILLA DELIGHT, not to mention it was the best performer, with five sets of rebloom! Fertile both ways.