Dynamic Glow, Daylily

*Dynamic Glow

*DYNAMIC GLOW (Pierce G.) 1235-A ((Midnight Amulet x Tet Texas Kaleidoscope) x Sdlg Dor.Sib to Born To Be Wild) TET EV EMRE 40” 6.75” flower, 6 way branching, 35 buds.

This was chosen by Sonya last year to be her names sake.  Unfortunately I did not have enough stock then, but it shows you what she thought of it in person.  DYNAMIC GLOW is just that, in a sea of tens of thousands of edged and eyed daylilies a flower must truly pop (especially today)!  A difficult flower to photograph with the velvet texture, I can assure you, you  will like this daylily at first glance.  Triple colors in the edging, and an eye with an outer ring of fire, DYNAMIC GLOW will hold your attention.  Fabulous plant stats and a pretty face – She’s yours, Enjoy…  Fertile both ways.  Limited!