Eye Chiwawa, Daylily
*Eye Chiwawa

*EYE CHIWAWA (Pierce, G)  TET P849-C  (Midnight Amulet x Born To Be Wild)  42”, 5.75” flower, EV, emo, EMre, 6 way branching with 55 buds.  Low arching foliage

A Bold blossom of medium purple, with a satiny black purple eye and double edge.  EYE CHIWAWA has tall scapes with lots of buds and branches, which makes it an eye catcher in any garden.  Extreme pod fertility coming from the future introduction - Born to be Wild - makes this daylily a dream for the breeder, with big pods numbering 25 plus seeds in each.   The overall display of EYE CHIWAWA is quite pleasing with the low arching foliage and sporting thick 42” tall scapes with 55 plus buds!  Easily fertile both ways. Very nice.