*LAVENDER  DUSK (Stamile,P) TET 5112-B [[(Houdini x Tetra Yesterday Memories) x Gentle Rose) x (Prom Date x Tetra Lavender Dew)] X Shimmering Elegance].  28 EMRe. emo. no fr. SEv.  6 x  3 x 2 1/8.     3 way  branching.  20 - 22 buds. LAVENDER DUSK  is a pink flower with a suffusion of blue.  Imagine dusk with its rich pink tones and now suffuse it with lavender and you have the color of  LAVENDER DUSK. Besides the clear silky blue pink color and deep Paris green throat LAVENDER DUSK is one of the most consistent flowers in the garden.  Every flower seems to be chiseled from stone.  Even the intricate deep fluted ruffling seems to have been meticulously crafted.  Add to all the above LAVENDER DUSK  has some of the most beautiful foliage in the garden.  The
foliage is a broad deep healthy forest green.  A favorite among hybridizers and my personal favorite shade of pink.  Fertile both Ways ............. $75.00