*PLATINUM AND GOLD (Stamile,P) TET 5373-A ((Admiral’s Braid x Alpine Snow) X Glacier Bay)  24”  EMRe. emo. no fr. Ev.  5 ½” x 2  7/8” x  1 ¾”. 3 way branching.  20-25 buds.  I have been breeding whites now for 20 years and PLATINUM AND GOLD, the latest iteration, can trace its lineage and gold edge all the way back to PORCELAIN PLEASURE on both sides.  The white base of  PLATIMUN AND GOLD  has a light green cast to the flower which melds
into the deep grass green throat.  The edge possesses marked gold ruching.  As a breeder - Wow !  This flower is in the background of flat whites with what I call
“super sculpting”.  Seedlings from PLATINUM AND GOLD  have the gold edging permeating the surface of the flower in deep loops - mountains of  shimmering gold on the surface of the flower. I have never seen anything like it! PLATINUM AND GOLD can literally drip with gold edging on rebloom. Unfortunately  PLATINUM AND GOLD, while it has hardy dormants on both sides also has GLACIER BAY as a pollen parent. Sadly, this may make it somewhat tender in the North.   Please mulch if you live in the North.  Fertile both ways…..$125.00