*PANDA BEAR (Stamile,P)TET 4174-B (El Desperado x Regal Braid) 25” MRe. emo. vfr. Dor.  5” x 3” x 2”. 3 way branching. 20 buds (probably more in the
North). As a small child I always slept with a panda so pandas are special to me. Like the panda, PANDA BEAR possesses bold markings  of dark and light.  The base color is a shade of chartreuse yellow. The bold eye and picotee are in plum purple and the throat a lettuce green.  Flowers are tall, round and ruffled and very fragrant with excellent substance and sunfastness.  As a breeder PANDA BEAR produces well branched offspring with very large bold eyes in a variety of colors.  I’m especially  drawn to the ebony black markings on pale yellow some of PANDA BEAR’s offspring show.  A very wide, full, sophisticated flower for this color
range. Easily  fertile both ways…………………………….$100.00