Face the Fire
*Face the Fire

*FACE THE FIRE (Stamile, P.)  TET 6276-B (Scarlet Lace x ((Musical Medley x Seize the Night) x (Chartered Course)) x ((Scarlet Lace x (Musical Medley x Seize the Night) x Chartered Course) x Complimentary Colors  45” M Re Fr emo Ev 7” 4 way branching, 30 buds    This is the big sibling to 'Big Red Wagon', and it is even BIGGER.  The color is a light to medium red with quite heavy substance.  A blossom of 'FACE THE FIRE' in the palm of your hand actually has weight to it.  Wide overlapped petals, with the largest cream gold edge of any red in the garden.  If you are breeding for big reds with edges this is your flower.  Limited as she it not a fast increaser, probably due to the tremendous scapes and re-blooms!  Fertile both ways.