Firecarcker Parade
*Firecracker Parade

*FIRECRACKER PARADE (Stamile,P.) TET 5233-C (Aragon X Tetra Peppermint Delight) 27” EMRe. emo. fr. Dor.  6” x 3” x 2”. 6-way branching. 45 buds.

            After FIRECRACKER PARADE first bloomed in 2005, I liked it so much that I repeated the cross in 2006 to produce ROBERT SEARLES.

            Normally I do not like white midribs but with this flower it seems just right. It is interesting and different in that the white midribs are not only on the petals but on the sepals as well. Normally you do not see white midribs on the sepals. Also interesting about FIRECRACKER PARADE are the teeth that occasionally form on the outside of the red border.

            A true dormant, it shows that both parents even the somewhat tender PEPPERMINT DELIGHT are carrying dormancy. Of course, I knew that from the dormant RUBY STORM, also. A striking flower that gives the impression of a sparkler or firecracker. Fertile both ways.