Flash of Mischief, Daylily

Flash of Mischief, Daylily

*Flash of Mischief

*FLASH OF MISCHIEF  (Pierce G.)  235-B ((Marina Del Rey x Blue Racer) x Born To Be Wild) TET, EV, EMre, double 80%, 29” high, 6.75-7” flower, 4 way branching, 25-30 buds.

I am again unbelievably lucky in FLASH OF MISCHIEF.  Looking like an improved version of Blue Racer when not doubling, FLASH OF MISCHIEF is like no other Tet double I have ever seen.  In fact, trying to breed with her has been difficult as I have nothing in this league to use on her, even though she is easily pod fertile!!!  I was able this season to squeak-out some fully double green throated prism kids which are even more bizarre.   I have tried to figure out a pattern but could not.  Every scape has buds that double, even the first scapes when it’s cool out.  She’ll bloom for you as she likes. When you hold the large blooms in your hand, they feel like they weigh a quarter pound.  This is not a scam flower that had a lucky day and a picture.  FLASH OF MISCHIEF basically blooms double most of the time, and when not doubling still is a rich and lovely double edged daylily.   And if you breed Tet doubles please keep in touch with me on the prodigy.  Truly different, Easily Fertile both ways.