Galactic Green, Daylily

*Galactic Green

*GALACTIC GREEN (Pierce G) 2098-B (Emerald Prism x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) EMre SEV/DOR emo 34” 8.25-8.5” flower, 4 way branching, 25 buds, fragrant.
What an impact.  The #1 garden question was “Is that big green one a dip?  GALACTIC GREEN has been my best parent for throwing the biggest “GREEN” daylilies period.  Opens perfectly on every bloom and is easily pod fertile.  The pollen has a bit of cream yellow in it but it IS fertile and what is most important are those pods.  How many new expensive daylilies do you buy that are practically pod sterile when you try to use them!   Really I hate that!!!   GALACTIC GREEN has twice the substance of a regular tetraploid.  Not only will you love GALACTIC GREEN blooming, but you will love what she does in your seedling patch.  Enjoy.