Geat White Dove, Daylily
*Geat White Dove

*Geat White Dove  (Pierce G.)  TET 828-A  (Shamrock Dew x Fancy Lace)  38”  6.5” flower, EV emo EEre,  9-way branching with 50 buds.  Arching Foliage. Fragrant.  

No one has had the success with cutting edge whites as Floyd Cove and to be honest even though I have made hundreds and hundreds of white seed, the ability to IMPROVE on our existing lines has been futile until Great White Dove.

From two flowers I so adored, the big wide face of Fancy Lace, and the green in Shamrock Dew, I was able to make approx. 50 seed from this cross.  This is a lot since the whole Dream Runner line is so tough to use.  There were bigger blooms, greener, more ruffled etc. but none of them had all the traits I was looking for until Great White Dove bloomed, and so she tamed everything else in the cross.  With over 50 flowers towering above the arching foliage, the blooms never a hang-up even though the flowers are adorned with the biggest ruffles and angel wings of any white in the nursery.  Even the sepals are ruffled.

Great White Dove is a beacon of modern perfection.  The shade of white though having a ½% tint of lemon is not only THE WHITEST of all our introductions, but certainly the most ruffled, and has the heaviest substance too.  Furthermore at 5pm even after the sprinklers have been on, the blooms appear almost untouched.  Fertile both ways, and an easy pod parent with some shade, Great White Dove will be one of those daylilies that will have that modern look even a decade from now!.  Like Shamrock Dew this flower loves spring and cool nights, and is wide open at dawn when she blooms here in March.  Photo taken at dawn in March.