Get Jiggy
*Get Jiggy

*GET JIGGY (Stamile,P.) TET 5189-A (Rock Solid X Bit of Blue) 37” EMRe. sl. fr. emo. Dor. 5.75” x 2.75” x 1.5”. 6-way branching (4 laterals plus terminal “y”) 35-40 buds.

            Wow what a daylily! GET JIGGY is basically pink with a violet rose eye and double edges of both violet and rose. It is the eye, though, with its myriad breaks in color forming designer patterns of intriguing complexity. The eye of GET JIGGY is never the same. While the eye can be occasionally solid it is generally broken into layers. I have seen as many as 9 bands of alternating color (the image shows 7 bands). The lighter bands occasionally take on metallic characteristics. Unlike most patterned eyes the complexity of the eye seems to be independent of the temperature. It appears in the cold weather and it appears in the hot weather.

            Until this past year I have not had the tools to explore this intricacy in pattern. Now with seedlings showing the breaking eye I am excited to explore patterns in these new ways. Fabulous. Fertile both ways.