Globally Green, Daylily

*Globally Green

*GLOBALLY GREEN (Pierce G.) 3289 (Mulberry Freeze x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) x (Chesapeake Bay x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) SEV, EM, 28” high, 8 – 8.5” flower, 5 way branching, 25-30 buds.

30 years now and a decade at Floyd Cove, NOTHING is the same.  The jump from then to now is – well a dream come true, and a blessing for? All the world.  Those are strong words, and I now get to say them with pride and a humble heart.  GLOBALLY GREEN always looks just like the photo.  Blooms are flat, thick, and like nothing else.  These are the TRFK kids I have been waiting to release.  GLOBALLY GREEN IS practically a Celery green blossom with a rich rose outer band.  Petal edges are ruffled in tight yellow teeth.  100% Diamond Dusted.  Fertile both ways, and this year was my biggest seed crop ever.  EXTREMELY Limited.