Good Time Blues, Daylily

*Good Time Blues

*GOOD TIME BLUES (Pierce G.)   1253-A (Bluegrass Memories x Facemaker)  Tet  SEV M Re  35”, 5.5” flower, 7 way branching, 45-50 buds.

Exactly like the picture, I was lucky to have this clean and lovely diamond dusted blue eyed daylily bloom for me.  The blue and green together, combined with the sparkling effect, is just superb.  Look at the stats on her too.  I am blessed!  One of only 2 true blue daylilies for me ever.  The other is several years away.  As the day warms, the face rolls back to show only ice blue sparkles.  Instant rebloom and fertile both ways.  It has begun…   Very Limited.  We will try to offer double fans but most likely be large singles.  In all honesty I should have waited a full year longer, but I wanted to share her, thank you…