Gracious Ruffles, Daylily

*Gracious Ruffles

*GRACIOUS RUFFLES (Pierce G.) 540-C (New Day Sunshine x Shimmering Dawn) SEV, EE, Polychrome. 38” high, 5.5” flower round form, 8 way branching, 45-50 buds, Fragrant.

What grandparents both of the above ARE!  I was actually glad that people passed on Shimmering Dawn at $200.  Their loss was my gain.  Our Gain!  That year and after, I had some 10-15 EXTRA pots to breed with and I made hundreds of Cutting Edge polychrome, white, green seeds with her.  That next Spring was phenomenal.  Well here is the best from these two.  GRACIOUS RUFFLES is not a yellow.  She is a Glowing lemon/chartreuse over a cream base.  Flat, Wide, round and R U F F L E D.  Extreme 1” wide looping ruffles, deep lemon veining, sculpted… *With Absolute Tree- like branching.  Don’t give me “I already have yellows” nonsense!  You will love her – I guarantee it.  EXTREMELY Limited.