Green Volcano, Daylily

*Green Volcano

*GREEN VOLCANO (Pierce G.)  480-FC  ((Cherry Picotee x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) x Galactic Green) SEV, EEE, 34” high, 7.5 – 8” flower, 4-5way branching (needs cold), 25-30 buds.

Run, she’s going to blow…  Your mind.  Never have I seen such a daylily.  GREEN VOLCANO is a large Celery thick, emerald green Super-ploid, with an outer band of the brightest rose, rose red.  First blooms the outer color is almost cherry red, as it heats up on rebloom, she becomes more hot pink and the sepals become covered in green.  GREEN VOLCANO is 100% Diamond Dusted, and easily Fertile both ways.  Every bloom is flat with glowing perfection.  EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!