*ICICLES  (Pierce, G.)  TET 8299  (Emerald Bay x Apple Spring)  40”  DORMANT. EM re fr. 6” flower 5-way branching 35 buds.  Light icy-pink lavender petals with a cream chartreuse edge producing teeth and tentacles.  The tall thick scapes are wonderfully proportioned. ‘ICICLES’ is easily pod fertile and when taken to other toothy flowers, produces strong toothy offspring.  There is a cool watermark that matches the edge with a green throat.  Originally, I thought ‘ICICLES’ was from ‘FRINGY’ due to the fringy edge, however, when I realized that it wasn’t, I immediately took her to ‘FRINGY’ this year and produced more seed than I could ever plant.  I am excited to see the offspring this next spring!  Easily Fertile both ways.