*INIMITABLE (Stamile,P.) TET 2164-F {(Sangre De Cristo x Fuchsia Kiss) x [((Magic Amethyst x Lake Effect) X Big Blue) X Be Thine]} 32” MRe. Ev. vfr. emo. 7 ½” x 4 1/8” x 2 ¼”. 4 way branching. (2 laterals + terminal ”Y”)  28 buds.

       Inimitable means “incapable of copy”. In my experience I have never been able to get a near white of this size. First blooms on this monster are 8” with almost 5” petals and 3” sepals! It is simply the largest full formed near white that I know of. There may be others out there but I have not seen them.

    The flowers are heavy and large and have a pastel pink blush and a deep grass green throat. Although it has none of the “angel wings” of its full sib JUDY FARQUHAR, INIMITABLE is beautifully ruffled with precise fluted ruffles.

    A very consistent flower INIMITABLE has very few “Bad hair days”. Flowers are uniformly good. Excellent plant habits and plant balance.

    A great parent for immense flowers and easily fertile both ways.