Inner Spirit, Daylily

*Inner Spirit

*INNER SPIRIT (Pierce G.) 410-C (Racing The Moon x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) SEV, EE, 44” high, 8” flower, 5 way branching, 35-40 buds.

  If you like Appliques and you like Big Flowers, INNER SPIRIT is your ticket.  An outcross of TRFK on an applique came only 3 winners, and… they fortunately have it all.  Eye appeal, SIZE, substance, Scape, easy Fertility etc.  Tet Rose F Kennedy puts a chartreus glow into the applique with Diamond Dusting.  I will say that the applique pattern will shift as the season progresses, but that’s fine.  This is another reason I have literally killed myself for the past decade – Making my favorite flower SO much better!  Enjoy…  LIMITED.