Into the Blue
*Into the Blue

*INTO THE BLUE (Stamile, P. - Pierce) TET 745 (Bit of Blue x Tet Out of the Blue) 32” EM Re, Fr, EV, 4.5” 5 way branching, 40 buds.
Ok, get ready to have your socks knock off. INTO THE BLUE again looks just like the picture; and you will not be able to stop looking at this stunning new blue eyed butterfly. There are several shades of blue in the eye of INTO THE BLUE, and as every flower face is angled a little differently you just can’t put your finger on which (of hundreds) of blooms had the bluest color! I looked closely and found three distinct blue shades depending on where in the eye, and at what angle the light was reflecting. Like a velvet effect. The blues and other strong rings of color are repeated on the edges, and boldly on the sepals. Anyway, INTO THE BLUE will bring a smile to your face. Fertile both ways.