Into the Evening

*INTO THE EVENING (Stamile,P.) TET 2336 {[(Big Blue x Be Thine) x Chartered Course] X [Musical Medley x Seize The Night) x Chartered Course]} 30” EMRe. Ev. emo. 6½” x 3¼” x 2”.   3-way branching. (1 lateral + terminal “Y”)   18-21 buds.

    What makes INTO THE EVENING special is its exceptional substance. Like LARRY ALLEN MILLER it has size, substance and saturation of color. Unlike LARRY ALLEN MILLER it is a deeper color with a wide flat gold edge. Blooming in the early season INTO THE EVENING garnishes a lot of admiration. It really starts to bloom here before most of the deep reds and purples come into bloom. If you love deep rich colors with brilliant white to gold edging you will love this flower. There is such a nice saturation of color and the color is so clear and presented so well.

    Excellent plant balance and a great parent for gold edged purples and reds. Fertile both ways.