Jade Ovation, Daylily

*Jade Ovation

*JADE OVATION (Pierce G) 2093-L (Barefoot Bay x Tetra Rose F. Kennedy) Ere SEV/DOR emo 34”, 8 – 8.25” flower, 4 way branching, 25-30 buds, fragrant.
A full sib to SHARYN LIANNE, JADE OVATION is a deep rose self with yellow gold edging, a large watermark, together with a vibrant green throat.  Like all of the new Tetraploid Rose F. Kennedy prodigy it is remarkable that the substance seems to have MORE than doubled.  Cross them together and you have a new?  Mutant line-up.  I have been using conversions now for almost 30 years and never has one done so much more than expected!  Thank You Mr. Doorakian.  JADE OVATION is a sweet and vibrant new full form with one of the best scapes of this year’s line-up.  You’ll love her.  Fertile both ways.