John Wayne, Daylily

*John Wayne

*JOHN WAYNE (Pierce G.) 1400 (Caribbean Blue x Tetra Colorful Etchings) EV, EM 34” Tall, 6.25” flower, 6 way branching, 40 buds  Multi  Rebloom fragrant, emo.  BLUE Eyed Daylily.

This is a rarity.  A large pattern with near white petals, and a clear blue eye.  I have taken this picture set only to auto, and in amongst the sun.  There are several shades of blue in the eye from light to a blue jean blue.  The entire area is sparkling and diamond dusted and reflects different tones of blue as you move around the flower.  Blue, Raspberry and Silver are repeated along the petal edges.  The green throat is the perfect touch.  I have not lost a plant, but have kept it back an extra year to use and this is reflected in the price.  I hope you enjoy growing JOHN WAYNE as much as I have.  Fertile both ways.