Jolly Good Yellow, Daylily

*Jolly Good Yellow

*Jolly Good Yellow (Pierce G.)  102-A (Holy Guacamole X Jade Glow) TET EV EM 32” 6.25” flower, 6 way branching, 35 buds.

After thousands of attempts at a green daylily and being so taken by the colors of Holy Guacamole, I finally got a beauty in cross 102.  As any hybridizer will tell you yellow/green, minty green daylilies are no easy task, especially when they must have the seven sacred traits!  So finally I get to share with you my first GOOD yellow green daylily; Jolly Good Yellow.  Yes I know the name should probably be Jolly Good Green but hey good intro’s are easy, it’s the names that give me buggery…  I only hope I have enough stock.  Enjoy…  Fertile both ways.