Joy of My Heart

Joy of My Heart

*Joy of My Heart

*JOY OF MY HEART (Pierce G.) 225 ((Over The Mountain x Going Big Time) x Picasso’s Intrigue) TET, SEV, EMre, 35” high, 6.5” flower, 5 way branching, 35 buds.  Mind blowingly bold.

Wow and almost a decade later, after working on “this look”, I feel as though we hit the jackpot!!!  A success that I could only have dreamed of.  The Garden name on #225 was Dark Phantom, unfortunately already taken.  I have done my best to improve this line year after year, and #225 is the absolute pinnacle.  The Best / The Last / And… The Most Beautiful.  Before 2007 I believe this look did not exist.  There were dark eyes with edges like the lovely Pirates Patch, or one of this beauties grandparents Midnight Amulet.  But no double edges.  JOY OF MY HEART looks like Midnight Amulet after swallowing a tire whole, then being hit by lightning.  Bottom line is, I dreamed and took a chance, worked hard and got lucky.  We all have such dreams, and mine continue.  Karen and I are so happy to be sharing our journey with you.  JOY OF MY HEART is quite large for a double edge.  The petals are wide and overlapped with the edge being quite thick.  I will confidently say she is “State of the Art”; the picture is spot on.  Keep in mind that Born to be Wild is pretty and a leap of new directions but the color saturation was a one hit.  Now… you have “that look” double dosed at least 4 more times in her pedigree. I hope you have noticed I am taking my pictures outside in the garden – out in the sun.  Daylily pictures can look much better in filtered light or a greenhouse.  So now, outside… where what you see is what you will get.  This is the last double edge for now as it’s not easy making them that much better!        Fertile both ways and priced to share.   Enjoy…